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We want to show you where your food comes from and who does it! Whether it’s planting and harvesting at the farm or caring for cattle at the feedyards it’s always a busy time in agriculture.

It's Not a Dirty Diaper!

Tuesday, March 5 2019
Categorized In Farm Life
Despite the fact that it occurred nineteen years ago, I have vivid memories of … Read Article

Be Healthy With Beef...

Tuesday, February 5 2019
Categorized In Farm Life
Striving to be healthy is a good thing. Striving to be healthy while also being… Read Article

Goals Inspire Continuous Improvement

Tuesday, January 15 2019
Categorized In Farm Life
It is tempting to look for short cuts in life. I think that probably everyone h… Read Article

A Nice, Pretty Brown Christmas!

Tuesday, December 11 2018
Categorized In Farm Life
My girls always laugh that “Mama prays for a nice, pretty brown Christmas… Read Article

Diversity Makes Us Stronger

Tuesday, November 6 2018
Categorized In Farm Life
Like many jobs that rely on a group of people to accomplish a goal, one of the … Read Article

What's it like to care for large farm animals like cattle?

Tuesday, October 2 2018
Categorized In Farm Life
I have a one-year old yellow Labrador named Theodore. He’s my buddy and t… Read Article

How do you keep on top of daily chores to live well?

Tuesday, September 4 2018
Categorized In Farm Life
This time of the year we all begin to transition out of summer fun and into the… Read Article

Road Trippin'

Tuesday, August 14 2018
Categorized In Farm Life
My family recently spent eight days driving across the country visiting relativ… Read Article

The Farming Puzzle

Tuesday, July 3 2018
Categorized In Farm Life
Today the plains of Central Kansas are a sea of green as rye, corn, and alfalfa… Read Article

What are the top six things to know about a VFD?

Tuesday, June 5 2018
Categorized In Farm Life
  Have you heard of the Veterinary Feed Directive? Do you wonder what it … Read Article

2018 ILS Scholarship Recipients

Thursday, May 10 2018
Categorized In Farm Life
Ashley Grace Burkholder: A graduate of Cozad High School in Cozad, NE. Ashley G… Read Article

Feed Me Regularly!

Tuesday, May 1 2018
Categorized In Farm Life
We have a family joke that when Matt and I were married in June of 1996, that h… Read Article

What do cattle eat? Dr. Todd Milton and Cattle Nutrition 101…

Tuesday, April 10 2018
Categorized In Farm Life
  Did you know that beef farmers use nutritionists to help them… Read Article

Super Cow! How are cattle both recyclers and upcyclers?

Tuesday, March 6 2018
Categorized In Farm Life
I am a food waste nut. Perhaps it is spending twenty years on a farm and seeing… Read Article

Spending time with Dr. Kip Lukasiewicz to learn about cattle health and antibiotic use.

Tuesday, February 6 2018
Categorized In Farm Life
Sometimes we hear information and it seems to pass in one ear and out the oth… Read Article
View of Windmill Feeders

How Does Space In a Cattle Feedlot Compare With New York City?

Wednesday, January 3 2018
Categorized In Farm Life
Some of my favorite people call New York City home. The Big Apple provides a hu… Read Article

The Symbiotic Nature of Giving...

Tuesday, December 5 2017
Categorized In Farm Life
Have you ever noticed that when you give of yourself, inevitably you receive so… Read Article

How Do We Work To Build Community?

Thursday, November 2 2017
Categorized In Farm Life
I never knew the true meaning of community until I moved to a small town on the… Read Article
A Cattle Cadillac

5 Tips Farmers Use to Find Harmony with Mother Nature's Calendar

Thursday, October 5 2017
Categorized In Farm Life
Living on a farm taught me that green is the color of life. After a cold prairi… Read Article

Back to School & Preparing Cattle for Success

Tuesday, September 5 2017
Categorized In Farm Life
As summer comes to an end, it is replaced with homework, school activities, and… Read Article
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