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Thursday, October 5 2017 7:00 AM
By Anne Burkholder

5 Tips Farmers Use to Find Harmony with Mother Nature's Calendar

Living on a farm taught me that green is the color of life. After a cold prairie winter, nothing seems more beautiful than the first green wheat field in the early spring. With the gift of timely rains, these wheat fields are soon joined by gorgeous green alfalfa fields and the onset of bountiful summer grasses. Cattle hit easy street during the summer months as Mother Nature often gives generously to the prairie during this time. Plentiful grasses mean vibrant grazing pastures that allow for cattle to thrive with little help from their human caregivers.


As the days get shorter and the prairie wind begins to feel different, the season of Mother Nature's generous giving shuts down which changes life on the farm. The cooling fall temperatures bring a new level of comfort to working outdoors, but they also signify a longer list of daily chores to prepare for the onset of winter. Cattle to be kept on the home ranch for breeding purposes must begin to be fed and, those who are not, often make the trip to a backgrounding farm or a feedlot where feed resources are more plentiful.

Mother Nature’s Calendar does a brilliant job dictating life on the farm. Aligning our daily lives to what she gives allows for harmony.

Mother Nature doesn’t compromise, so we do!

The following are 5 tips that help us to find harmony with Mother Nature’s Calendar:

The key to setting our farms up for success is understanding that Mother Nature bows to no one. It is our job as farmers to do the best that we can with what she provides. Working hard to build good communication between our ranchers, our truckers, and our feedlots sets everyone up for success!

Watch for posts this month featuring Ward Trucking and highlighting the importance of good care during cattle transport. When Mother Nature dictates that we move our animals to better feed, we need to be ready with our Cattle Cadillacs to get the job done right!

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