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Tuesday, January 15 2019 7:00 AM
By Anne Burkholder

Goals Inspire Continuous Improvement

It is tempting to look for short cuts in life. I think that probably everyone has experienced a time when we wished that the right thing was the easy thing, but it wasn’t. I have a swim team t-shirt that I wear all of the time. It says, “The only place you find success before work is in the dictionary.” Today’s culture often reinforces instant gratification and quick fixes. It wraps them up in an attractive advertising package that pulls at our minds even when our hearts know the truth.

The best things – The most meaningful things – The things that give our lives purpose and bring joy to our hearts -

Are those that we must intentionally work hard to achieve.

Life is a journey made up of many, many moments. No one moment determines us, but each moment works to mold us into the unique individuals that we are destined to become. One of the things that I have noticed over the years is that we tend to get stuck in the middle. We start a new adventure fueled with gallons of passion. But, over time, fatigue and discouragement set in which empties the tank of energy quickly. We still believe in the journey, but we struggle in the midst of the daily challenges -- temporarily losing sight of the finish line.

Have you ever worked in a feed yard or on a ranch during the winter months?

The Kansas and Nebraska prairies are cold and sometimes seem simply merciless. January and February make for really hard months for our feed yard teams. Our cowboys and cowgirls work outside – every day – from dawn to dusk and sometimes on into the darkness. By the time that the calendar can be flipped to March, there is often an element of exhaustion that permeates farms all across the Midwest.

It is during those times that having goals is so very important. Goals keep us looking toward where we want to be, instead of getting bogged down in the daily hardships that grip tightly during the winter months. They give us purpose as we intentionally set our sights on continuous improvement. When you spend your days caring for God’s creatures, failure is not an option so we dig deep and we persevere.

When you combine goals with good daily habits then you find success no matter what Mother Nature brings. That is the heart of Progressive Beef. The management program helps our cattle care teams to build the good habits which allow us to persevere even when things get tough.

 To not just settle for adequate, but to reach for what is best: for our animals, our farms, and for you – our customers. 

On this cold January day:

 Please join me in thanking all of the farmers who set goals in order to winter our storms with passion and perseverance. Our cattle care teams ensure that all of us are able to end each day with the safest and most delicious supply of food in our country’s history.

That is something to hold onto -- even on the hardest of days.



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