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Monday, January 9 2017 1:41 PM

Health and the New Year

January brings an end to the Christmas season. Like most people, my family and I celebrated the holiday with lots of great tasting food. Perhaps too much food. I do love my sweets! My conscience starts the New Year off feeling slightly remorseful, and reminds me to set goals on being healthy. 

Eat Well…To be Well!

Eating a healthy diet provides an essential component to being the best version of you! As a hypoglycemic who is challenged by low blood sugar, diet plays a huge role in my personal wellness. As a child, my doctor encouraged me to increase the protein intake in my diet to help manage the dizzy spells and fainting that comes with the daily challenges of hypoglycemia.   

Nutrition research demonstrates that including protein regularly in your diet leads to more energy and an improved overall level of fitness. Knowing this, I am careful to include protein for my family’s meals as well as snacks for my active kids. As we go from tumbling/dance classes to wrestling practice, I try my best to plan ahead in order to have a protein to pair with a fruit or vegetable to keep my kids and I fueled!


Cattle and Nutrition

Balanced meals play a critical role in ensuring the good health of not just my family, but also the cattle in our ILS feed yards. Just as I look to my doctor to help address my health and nutrition concerns, our cowboy crews look to our veterinarians and ruminant nutritionists to ensure optimal cattle health.

Our consulting nutritionists create all of the recipes for our cattle casseroles. They use their advanced doctorate training and scientific understanding of bovine nutrition to create palatable (good tasting) and healthy meals for our animals by focusing on:

It’s not a whole lot different than at my house when I watch my kids to see how they are feeling, have a good understanding of how active they are with activities, and see how hungry they are from their dinner plates! We use all this information to help plan for the next meal.

Working Together: Nutrition and Health

Working closely with our veterinarians and nutritionists allows the ILS feed yards to offer good care to our animals that includes natural practices for disease prevention. Optimal health thrives in a low stress environment where comfort and nutrition is maximized. I see this with my kids, and our crews find the same thing when it comes to taking care of our cattle.

It is our recipe that ensures the production of safe and healthy beef: from our farms to your family’s dinner table!

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