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Thursday, November 2 2017 7:00 AM
By Anne Burkholder

How Do We Work To Build Community?

I never knew the true meaning of community until I moved to a small town on the prairie after completing college. A few months after acquiring a rural route address for the first time in my life, an elementary school teacher remarked to me, “Anne, it takes a community to raise a child.” At the time, I was surprised by her comment; however, when I became a mom a few years later, I began to understand the wisdom of her words.

Today, with three teenagers in the house (and the oldest set to go off to college next fall), I’ve come full circle. I can personally testify to the notion that because it takes a community to raise a child, it requires a town full of caring people to donate of themselves in order to help the greater good. As each child transitions to a caring adult, then the cycle perpetuates. It is this symbiotic process that allows for a feeling of community to permeate our rural towns.

This is what makes us special...

This is what allows us to sustain...

The true beauty of community is the ability of caring individuals to come together to build strength and support.

Whether on the level of a town – or the level of a company – or on the level of a family, we all need other people to help us on the journey.

Together we are stronger.

Our ILS family discovered the power of togetherness in 2006 when the original feed yard teams merged together. The success found in the union sparked a second merging in 2009 when Agri-Fuels, Alfalfa Pellets, and our farm land joined together with the feed yards to make a stronger partnership.

Just as community brings unity, diversity within the community also creates the perspective and foresight needed for a successful journey.

The ultimate goal is a sustainable cycle of farming implemented by a caring and compassionate group of teammates. These ordinary people do extraordinary things that not only fuel our company, but also fuel our communities. We don’t just grow the beef and sell the fuel and farm products, we pride ourselves on being good neighbors.

We see the beauty of living in a small town, and we want to contribute to the cycle of caring.

In the words of Agri-Fuels’ manager, Sandi Bartz, “When people realize that they can count on you, then they want to do business with you. Taking care of people is what we do – we appreciate our local farmers and customers, and feel blessed to play a role in our community.” In addition to serving more than 300 outside customers, Agri-Fuels provides fuel for ILS’s Kansas feed yard teams as well as the ILS farms that work in synergy with the cattle operation to produce both beef and animal feed.

Together, our team members spend their days combining innovation with integrity to proudly provide for our neighbors.

There are many things that bring pride to our company; but, the caring and selfless attitude of our team members tops the list. It leaves its mark on the products that they work hard to deliver, and it touches the communities where they live and volunteer in when they go home at the end of the day.

As we celebrate November, ILS gives thanks to all of the team members who come together as a family to respect, trust and care for one another on the journey.




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