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Tuesday, September 4 2018 7:00 AM
By Anne Burkholder

How do you keep on top of daily chores to live well?

This time of the year we all begin to transition out of summer fun and into the busy fall routine. For our family, that means going back to school while still continuing to manage farm chores at home and busy sports schedules. Somedays it feels like a juggling act and I struggle to not let any “balls” drop. When this becomes my reality, it is helpful to prioritize and then systematically fulfill all necessary daily responsibilities. Staying on top of tasks and working through them in an organized pattern keeps me sane when the list gets long.

Fall days at a cattle feedyard can resemble fall life at my house.


As summer grass pasture growth slows down in anticipation of winter on the prairie, non-breeding animals are moved into feed yards to save feed resources for the cows and bulls that live on the ranch year-round. State-of-the-art feed storage facilities at the feedyards allow them to offer high quality, nutritious meals to these animals even as the summer growing season ends. Sometimes it is better to bring the cattle to the feed!

The large numbers of animals moving off of grass pastures and into feedyards makes long fall days for our cattle caregivers. Our teams are dedicated to doing the little things right – and the Progressive Beef Quality Management System helps us to get that done. With its own mobile app function, Progressive Beef helps our caregivers to stay focused on the daily chores that ensure that our animals thrive.

This electronic list not only reminds caregivers of daily commitment to good care, but also provides accountability as we are able to document that daily animal care practices are being done. In addition, the program is based on frequent caregiver training to inspire a team culture of excellence.

It’s easy to be dedicated to doing the little things right when life is quiet and time is abundant. It is harder to remain steadfast when things become busy and the chore list seems to always remain one step ahead of you. Progressive Beef mobile app technology helps us to find success as our smart phones have the capability of keeping us on track when life becomes challenging.

A goal without a plan is just a wish. The goal is good animal care – every single day. The plan is Progressive Beef. The team is our animal caregivers that give of themselves each day, striving to always do their best to care for our cattle with integrity.

How do you keep on top of daily chores to live well?

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