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Tuesday, October 8 2019 7:00 AM
By Anne Burkholder

Putting To Work Coach Bill Snyder's 16 Goals For Success...

Bill Snyder held the title of Head Football Coach at Kansas State University for twenty-five years. He is known for many things, but perhaps most important was his talent for people building. His job involved training athletes, but his focus invariably landed on training the character of the young men who came to Manhattan, KS to play for him. I can’t help but think that part of his success was the culture of team that Coach Snyder intentionally created. Football doesn’t just take eleven individuals with athletic talent to execute winning plays, it requires eleven unselfish and hard-working teammates to move the ball successfully down the field or stop the opposing team.

Coach Snyder created sixteen goals for success:







Great Effort


Eliminate Mistakes

Never Give Up

Don’t Accept Losing

No Self-Limitations

Expect to Win



 Nowhere in those goals does he mention natural talent. Perhaps that didn’t make the list because you don’t get the chance to play K-State Football without it, but more likely it didn’t because Coach Snyder recognized that the value of creating a team existed in his ability to inspire his athletes to look outside of themselves to search for the greater good found in serving others. Coach Snyder knew that “together they were stronger” so he focused on creating value in what the team could accomplish working together rather than working for themselves. 

On the surface, harvest season on a farm does not closely resemble football. However, Coach Synder’s 16 goals for success provide the foundation for the work that ILS Farms does with our Kansas feedyards during the fall months. A successful harvest requires a team effort marked by unselfish hard work and a commitment to effective communication in order to eliminate mistakes. From the farm crew - to the office personel - to the feed mill team, everyone has a job and creates value by working in partnership with each other.

Why is this important?

Because without a successful harvest, our cattle would not have feed to eat during the winter months. It’s a big deal! In Kansas, Mother Nature only gives during certain months of the year, so our ability to capture feed during that season plays a critical role in providing year-round care for our animals.

Our play book is significantly shorter than Coach Snyder’s, but our execution is just as important. From the time that seed is planted in the ground in the spring to the time that it is harvested and hauled into the feedyards in the fall, a variety of teammates work together to ensure that careful tending creates a symbiotic relationship between our farm ground and our cattle.

It works because our people work. They embrace Coach Snyder’s sixteen goals for success, and implement them with honor. Today, we thank our farm and feed yard team members for providing an invaluable ingredient: character. It’s what turns a regular day into a great one, and ensures that our cattle receive healthy and well-balanced meals – 365 days of the year!

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