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Thursday, March 2 2017 9:00 PM

Raising Kids

The most rewarding job I have ever had is that of a mom…It is also the hardest. The journey to mold caring, self-sufficient, and resilient children is often filled with weeds and turbulent storms. As parents, we combat those challenging times with lots of love! Our goal is to build a foundation for our children that will nourish their souls and enable them to blossom into adults that successfully handle whatever life throws at them.

It’s like growing a team…a lot of sweat and time is spent on establishing roots and relationships which allows all of the members to thrive in any given environment.

Growing our Team

Today, as our Quailty Assurance team expands, it takes Link, Anne, and I to support our feedyard teams as they produce safe and healthy beef. The success of the QA team is embedded in the heart and soul of our people who feed and care for the cattle every day. The moments that bring challenge and make us uncomfortable provide the roots for our growth on that never ending journey of continuous improvement.  As our QA team comes together with our feed yard crews, we combine our passions and our talents to cultivate an environment of high quality animal care.

We don’t just grow when things are easy….we grow when we face challenges!   

Cultivating Crops and Challenges

Challenges make life interesting, and how we face and overcome them makes it rewarding! Creating a more sustainable way to utilize the manure produced by our cattle creates a puzzle for ILS.  The challenge of figuring out how to best create a system of use that ensures the long term health of our farm ground sparked a great problem solving opportunity for our company. The goal of building a harmonious cycle between the manure from our cattle and the soil health on our farms drove a lot of brainstorming and research.

The idea of conditioned manure rose to the top. The ILS Farm crew teamed up with Great Bend Feeding and Ward Feed Yard to test the idea. Through trials, tribulations, and many months of hard work, it proved to be a success. The conditioning process entails taking cattle manure and turning it multiple times with a piece of equipment called a compost turner. This method allows the manure to reach an internal temperature of 140 degrees which reduces both weed seed germination and particle size. This equates to better weed control and a more even distribution during the field application.  The end result is a more vibrant crop grown with fewer chemicals!

Giving Back

Our company’s commitment to both the planet and our animals also extends to the people in our communities.  We want to share our passion for growing food with our neighbors!  We recognize that together we are stronger and hope that our innovation can help others outside of our company team.  ILS is proud to offer a “Free Compost Day” on Saturday April 1st from 9:00am to 4:00pm. Bring your buckets, shovels, tubs and pick-ups to one of our compost sites and receive free manure to nourish and grow your garden this summer!


As we celebrate March and the approach of spring, look on Facebook and Twitter for our feed yard crew and farming highlights. Help us to show gratitude to those people that face challenges head on in order to sustainably produce the food that nourishes our families.



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