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Wednesday, February 1 2017 10:57 AM

The Family Unit

Love, family, and the celebration of Valentine’s Day permeate the month of February. During my childhood years, I never gave much thought to the broad concept of family. I spent most of my days doing chores and playing with my sister and brothers. With the exception of school hours, my sister and I spent all our time together. Whether it was catching small square bales for dad, tying hay stacks or milking cows, we were an inseparable team!


The Team

Today, it takes a team approach to raise kids, run a ranch, and work for ILS. My husband Clint and I are very independent people but somewhere along the way, we realized that no matter how great we were as individuals, together we were stronger.


After having kids, it really became clear that the journey was going to be more successful with good communication and a collaborative effort. A dry erase calendar now provides our command center to divide and conquer each day.

My understanding of what it takes to be a good teammate for my ILS family did not reach its full capacity until after I had children. My work family’s compassion, commitment, and trust inspired me to be a better teammate.

My team is growing and I am thrilled to have Anne Burkholder from Cozad, NE join ILS this month. Anne hales from Florida, took roots in a feed yard in Nebraska, and has a strong team spirit.


Growing food is hard work. It takes a team to do it right.

At ILS, we realize that together we are stronger – Together we ensure good animal care and sustainable farming --Together we create an extended family unit.

The Feed Yard Family

The ILS feed yard family consists of nine locations in Kansas and Nebraska. Each dedicated crew epitomizes the concept of team as they brave the weather every day to offer care to our animals. Our team focuses on the three pillars of our Progressive Beef Quality Management System to ensure quality animal welfare, a dedication to environmental responsibility, and a priority of food safety.


We are individuals but yet we are a family – coming together to pool our passion and our talents in order to bring great tasting, safe, and healthy beef to your dinner table. This month as we all celebrate a dedication to love, family, and good times; ILS focuses on our crews. We’d like to take the opportunity to showcase a couple of our feed yard families and the dedicated folks that work hard each and every day to ensure that we can all celebrate Valentine’s Day with a great tasting steak.


Look for our feed yard crew highlights all throughout the month on Facebook and Twitter; and help us to thank those folks that give of themselves in order to make a positive difference at our dinner tables!

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