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Tuesday, July 2 2019 7:00 AM
By Anne Burkholder

The Future...

Whether you live on the coast, on the prairie, in the city or in a small town, chances are your future is tied to the young people who chase their dreams with passion to bring an important element of vitality to our local communities. I moved to rural Nebraska in the 1990’s, and learned quickly that rural towns sustain as a result of the gifts of their community members.

When we care enough to share, it enables the next generation to continue to bring hope, energy and inspiration to our neighborhoods and towns. Every child matters, and giving them the means to use their talents to make a positive difference provides an invaluable gift for our future.

Today we honor the seven recent high school graduates that will receive ILS Scholarships for the 2019-2020 school year. They are not just children of our #teamILS, they are our future and bless us with their optimism and energy.


ILS thanks all of these awesome young adults for their hard work, positive attitudes, and desire to contribute to the future of our country. We also are thankful for their parents who provide the foundation of our company and #teamILS. Together we are stronger!

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