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Our Story

Knowing The Past.
Taking Pride In Our Legacy.  

Ward Feed Yard was a grass roots company started in 1962 and Great Bend Feeding was a family operation built in 1959. These two companies had similar management strategies and vision. Gradually they formed a partnership implementing their philosophies and mindset around embracing technology, economic and environmental sustainability, responsible water use, and cattle care best practices.

Work Together.

The relationship dates back to 1988 when Ward Feed Yard and Great Bend Feeding chose to work together and face the challenges of marketing cattle in Central KS. This challenge was turned into opportunity and the mindset to face adversity head on by; identifying the problem, designing a solution, and implementing positive change. These values still hold true today and the foundation of ILS is built on integrity, trust, relationships, personal development, respect, teamwork, innovation and accountability.

Who We Are Today.

Our employees are dedicated to what they do, bringing a level of personal accountability and passion to every-day activities. Their focus on management production, sound business practices, and commitment to customers and consumers is driven by our desire to be the best. We have high standards to provide safe and abundant food for your family. By teaming up with companies such as Ag Systems, Alfalfa Pellets, Agri Fuels, and GK Environmental Services, we ensure our environmental and business sustainability.

The Farm

We have a symbiotic relationship between our farm and feed yards which allow us to utilize a closed-loop nutrient cycle. The crops grown on our farm provide high quality nutrients for the healthy growth of our cattle fed in the feed yards. The composted manure from our feed yards is then applied to our farm to supply our crops with the nutrients they need. We strive to match the exact needs of the growing plants by delivering the nutrients at the precise time, amount, and location.

We utilize several different winter annual crops on our farm. Cover crops are a natural way to prevent wind erosion, improve moisture retention, and improve soil health in our fields between the growing seasons of our primary crops. In addition, these crops provide a green and lush pasture for some of our cattle.

Research For Continuous Improvement

”If you cannot measure it you cannot improve it”. With this philosophy in mind, we strive to answer questions on how we can become better at caring for cattle, conserving water, better use of feed resources, and evaluating nutraceuticals using a science based approach. The goal is to be better today than we were yesterday.

The Future

Success is where preparation and opportunity meet. Through our continued focus on people, quality, environment, efficiency and doing the right thing we are preparing every day for the future. We are committed to meeting challenges head on and maintaining a strong economic viability for our customers, employees, and shareholders.

Mission Statement

Combining innovation with the passion of our people to empower our rural communities and grow great tasting and sustainable beef.

Innovative Livestock Services, Inc.

Innovative Livestock Services

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