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Progressive Beef

Progressive Beef - Verified. Trusted. Sustainable.

The Progressive Beef Program is a quality management system that focuses on providing consumers more information about how their beef is raised and cared for. The program focuses on 3 main pillars: 1) Cattle Care, 2) Food Safety and 3) Sustainability. By focusing on these areas, Progressive Beef helps educate consumers on beef process control, food safety guidelines, animal care considerations, sustainability benchmarks, and responsible antibiotic use.

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Progressive Beef

Using Technology to Create A Better Beef Quality Management System


The Progressive Beef Program is focused on accountability and ensuring that it follows through on it's promises. To accomplish this a Mobile App was designed and built to bring efficiency to data collection and verification. The Mobile App is easy to use and customized to each feedyard's operations. 

In an effort to ensure that the Progressive Beef standards for animal care, sustainability, and responsible antibiotic use are met daily, the the following are assessed at internal and USDA approved audits:


  • Cattle handling and daily care
  • Cattle home pen living conditions
  • Cattle water tank cleanliness
  • Cattle feed nutrition, handling and delivery which follows developed HACCP principles for safety
  • Antibiotic use on the farm (traceability as well as animal withdrawal records)
  • Employee safety guidelines
  • Sustainability practices and measurement
  • Training and knowledge
  • Record verification



Progressive Beef
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